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MAE blog shares shows with strong African American women characters!


To honor Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, I’m going to list some powerful African American women main characters that have been on television recently. I was shocked to realize that finding black characters on TV was still a hard thing to do though it is getting easier every day:

  1. The hard ass talented general surgeon Dr Miranda Bailey who has recently become the Chief of Surgery. She may be tough, but she has a heart of gold when dealing with the other surgeons and the patients at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital.
  2. Olivia Pope whose a political fixer stationed at Washington D.C. and operates in the grey areas to help her clients facing situations ranging from being caught sleeping with a hooker to facing murder charges. Pope is a true “White Hat” who only fixes problems for politicians who don’t lie to her.
  3. Daisy Grant, the Press Coordinator for Secretary of…

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Happy New Year List


To celebrate the new year I’m going to list episodes that celebrate a new thing coming into the world like a year or president and the end of a certain time:

  1. The West Wing Season Four Episode Seven “Election Day”
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Three Episode 21-22 ” Graduation Day Part One and Two”
  3. Vikings Season One Episode Six ” Burial of the Dead”
  4. Xena Warrior Princess Season Six Episode Twenty Two  “A Friend in Need: Part Two”
  5. Parenthood Season Three Episode 18 ” My Brother’s Wedding”
  6. The X Files Season Four Episode 14 ” Memento Mori”
  7. Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 13 ” AKA Smiles”
  8. The 100 Season Two Episode One ” The 48″
  9. Lie To Me Season Two Episode 22 ” Black and White”
  10. Doctor Who Season Seven  Episode 13 ” The Time of the Doctor”

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