10 Spooky Feminist Halloween Episodes

From MAE BLOG here’s a great list of TV Episodes with a Halloween theme to spook you out!


Here are ten episodes from some of the feminist television shows that I have posted about. I have listed episodes that are Halloween themed, scary, and/or have monsters in them. Watch these spooky delights to get into a Halloween mood:

  1. “Blink” (Doctor Who Season Three Episode 11)
  2. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” (Xena Warrior Princess Season Two Episode 4)
  3. “Fear, Itself” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Four Episode 4)
  4. “Resident Evil” (Veronica Mars Season Three Episode 5)
  5. “Bad Blood” (The X Files Season Season Five Episode 12)
  6. ” The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (Glee Season Two Episode 5)
  7. “Objects in Space” (Firefly Season One Episode 14)
  8. “Scar” ( Battlestar Galactica Season Two Episode 15)
  9. “Greg Pikitis” (Parks and Recreation Season Two Episode 7)
  10. “Welcome to Wherever You Are” ( The West Wing Season Seven Episode 15)

Boo! What are your favorite Halloween…

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