Nancy Schreiber Interview

An insightful interview with cinematographer Nancy Schreiber from MAE blogger Paloma Bennett.


This Saturday I did an interview with Nancy Schreiber who has been a cinematographer for film and television since the late 70’s. I interviewed Schreiber through Skype which is why you will hear some Skype bubbly noises at the start of the recording. Nancy Schreiber is super smart and funny. I had a lovely time talking  talking with her. Schreiber has an extensive portfolio of projects.

Nancy Schreiber has filmed the television/ web series The Client List, Lauren, Blue, In Plain Sight, Ghost Whisperer, and The ComebackI hope you enjoy this interview we discuss a whole host of topics from wanting to be labeled an cinematographer not a woman cinematographer to issues of ageism in Hollywood today.

This is the recording of the interview I did with Schreiber. I was in my room and Nancy Schreiber was outside of a cafe. (For clarification the DGA stands for the…

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